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At Johnson Jackson, we focus on employment law.  Our attorneys have experience representing a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from large restaurant chains to independent restaurants, from multi-state retail chains to construction contractors and suppliers, from large hospital systems to privately-held physicians’ offices, and from statewide agencies to local governments.    

We have developed and revised policies for our clients, helped them audit their employment practices, and advised them on how to conduct internal investigations.  We have advised our clients on a wide range of matters involving hiring, firing and disciplining employees, executive contracts and severance agreements, disability accommodation, leave management, fitness-for-duty testing, wage-hour compliance, diversity goals, and harassment training.

Our familiarity with these issues gives us a strong foundation on which to build solid advice for our clients.


We believe in providing our clients with solutions that are customized to fit their needs.  We recognize that our clients are not looking for one-size-fits-all, straight-out-of-the book answers.  Providing sound advice requires us first to engage in active listening with a focus on learning our clients’ unique situations.  We rely on our curiosity to help us identify the particular concerns that may lie just beneath the surface of an otherwise simple question.  In fact, sometimes the most important question may be the one that our client did not realize they needed to ask.  And sometimes there may be additional layers to the question that mean that the “usual” answer is no longer the “right” answer.  We strongly believe that we give our best advice when we take the time to understand and meet your needs.

Real Answers

Our clients call us because they need answers.  They have important decisions to make, and they need a roadmap that lets them plan a way forward.  We understand that they don’t call us just to hear that they have an “interesting” question, or one that is “of first impression.”  They need the reassurance that comes with a coherent plan of attack that lets them overcome the paralysis of uncertainty and begin taking constructive steps toward a solution.  They need to know that the attorneys giving them advice are willing to defend that same advice in a court of law if and when it comes under challenge.

At Johnson Jackson, we understand that truly valuable advice often starts at the point when easy answers fall by the wayside, and we relish the challenge of hard questions.  We take pride in solving those hard questions, because we understand that our clients are relying on our commitment to getting the answers right.  

An important benefit of using the same firm to provide both litigation and counseling is that there are significant feedback loops between the two.  As we provide advice to our clients, we will always be aware of how the decisions that are shaped by that advice would be defended in litigation.  We take pride in providing advice that we are willing to defend without reservation.

Likewise, litigating a case may reveal that a policy is not being implemented correctly or that updates to the policy are needed.  When we are litigating a case and we see a need for a client to change the implementation or design of its policies, or to more closely review whether they are being adhered to, we will not hesitate to provide that input.

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