Supreme Court: NLRA Does Not Override Class-Action Waivers

May 22, 2018 Posted in Legal Updates

It’s official – the NLRA does not prohibit employers and employees from agreeing to limit their arbitration of disputes to single-plaintiff arbitration. On Monday, May 21, 2018, the Supreme Court...

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Supreme Court Rejects "Narrow Construction" of FLSA Exemptions

April 3, 2018 Posted in Legal Updates

On Monday, April 2, the Supreme Court released a new opinion that could significantly improve the ability of employers to claim overtime exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Micro-Units No More? NLRB Reverses Specialty Healthcare Decision

December 28, 2017 Posted in Legal Updates

The NLRB continued its reversal of several employee-friendly Obama-era decisions last week. The latest to be kicked to the curb is the “micro-unit” standard found in the...

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Recent NLRB Confirmations Signal New Era for Employers

October 24, 2017 Posted in Legal Updates

The Senate’s recent confirmation of William J. Emanuel for the last vacant slot on the National Labor Relations Board is significant for employers.  Emanuel hails not just from the private sector...

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Big Win For Restaurants as Ninth Circuit Rejects DOL's 20% Rule

September 6, 2017 Posted in Legal Updates

Restaurant employers and others who deal with tipped employees should pay close attention to the September 6 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Marsh v. J. Alexander's.

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